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    Knowledge of etiquette when sending funeral flowers can help anyone confidently order funeral flowers appropriate to any situation. Your relationship to the deceased is the first thing to consider when ordering funeral flowers. Knowledge of traditional flower choices for your type of relationship can help you choose the right funeral arrangement.

    While it is appropriate for immediate family to order any type of floral tribute they desire, some types of funeral flowers and some display locations are generally considered to be strictly for them. Flowers placed directly on or inside the casket almost always come from immediate family members.

    Typically, the casket spray comes from the spouse, children, siblings, or parents of the deceased. Wreaths or pillows laid on the end of the casket usually come from the children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews of the departed. Pillows or floral swags to go in the lid of the casket are most often provided by the children, grandchildren, parents, or grandparents. Flowers held in the hands of the deceased also traditionally come from immediate family.

    Immediate family members often order standing sprays or easel arrangements, or other funeral flowers to be displayed close by the casket.

    The following casket spray and inside casket piece would be items purchased by the immediate family.

    Funeral Flowers Sent by Extended Family
    This includes but is not limited to: nieces and nephews, cousins, great grandchildren, and close friends of the deceased.

    The extended family has a wide variety of funeral flower options. Funeral flower etiquette for extended family members is very simple; extended family members can send everything from traditional standing sprays to less formal floral arrangements suitable for family members to take home instead of to the cemetery.

    An example of a standing spray that can be sent by the extended family.

    Extended family members should contact the funeral home to find out visitation and service times and have that information ready to supply to the florist or to add to the "Special Instructions" section if ordering online.

    Funeral Flowers Sent by Acquaintances Co-Workers and Business Associates
    This includes but is not limited to: co-workers, employers, employees, and service providers.

    Acquaintances and business associates may send funeral flowers of almost any type save those that go on or in the casket. Flowers sent by aquintances and business associates specifically includes basket arrangements, standing sprays, wreaths and plants.

    Funeral Flowers – Etiquette for Everyone
    Have your information ready before placing your order of funeral flowers. This includes the full name of the deceased, the location or locations of the funeral services, the wording for the enclosure card, and a method of payment. This helps the florist process your order faster and more efficiently and prevents delivery errors.

    Order funeral flowers as soon as possible. This allows you to have more flower choices and ensures your funeral arrangement’s arrival in time for the next visitation or service. If you do not find out in time to order flowers in time for the first visitation, funeral flowers may still be sent to the second visitation (if there is one), the church or graveside service. Failing that, sympathy flowers can be sent to the home of one or more of the deceased’s family members or friends.

    If your relationship is with a certain family member or friend of the deceased it is certainly within funeral flower etiquette to send the funeral arrangment directly to the family member or friend of the deceased.

    When you order funeral flowers from Jack Iannotti Flowers  our skilled and compassionate florist will work directly with the funeral home to ensure that your delivery is timely and accurate. Same-day delivery is often available. Contact Us Today

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    Coral 2019 Color fr Weddings!

    Pantone’s Color of the Year. Every year, the Pantone Color Institute selects a color to reflect the current cultural climate. The 2019 color of the year is Living Coral, an optimistic, energetic shade.

    This Color of the Year was inspired by the underwater ecosystem and is described by Pantone as being "sociable and spirited," and symbolizes "our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits." What is more joyful than the joining of two in marriage?!

    The best thing about the color of the year is that there are so many flower options to pick from, and this shade is the perfect pop of color. 



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  • The mean of roses
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    What the different color of roses mean….

    Every Valentine’s Day we are asked the same question…. "What are the color meanings of roses when buying for someone."

    Every rose means something a little different. As you’re making your selections for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to keep each color’s symbolism in mind. Fortunately, we will provide you with the following helpful guide so that you can easily choose the roses that hold the most symbolism for your friends, family and loved ones.

    Single Colors

    • Red: Red roses are the most traditional Valentine’s Day flower, and with good reason. This color represents romance, love, beauty and perfection. It is sometimes said that dark red roses represent humility or unconscious beauty.
    • Orange: Bright, fiery orange represents life, energy, passion and excitement. Give these roses to someone irresistible. Softer shades, like peach, are used to express sincerity or gratitude, while pastel peach is considered a modest color.
    • Yellow: The warmth of the yellow rose symbolizes friendship, joy and gladness. These flowers can also be used as a sign of remembrance or affection.
    • White: White roses come with a variety of meanings, including purity, innocence, grace and humility. Because these flowers have long been popular for weddings, they have also come to represent new beginnings and budding love.
    • Pink: Pink roses are given to express your admiration of someone’s refinement, elegance or femininity. Darker shades of pink convey a sense of appreciation, while pale pinks are generally used to give a sense of admiration, joy or gentleness.
    • Lavender: In the language of flowers, lavender roses are used to tell someone that you’re enchanted by them. They also represent desire and love at first sight.

    This Valentine’s Day, find the perfect roses to express your feelings at JIF Jack Iannotti Flowers located in Coventry, RI. Browse our website to see a variety of delightful arrangements or stop in our location to see roses in every color of the rainbow!


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    How To Save Money On Sending Flowers This Valentine’s Day: Insider Tips From Jack Iannotti Flowers

    What you need to know about the middlemen.

    If you decide to send flowers to a friend or loved one, chances are you begin the process on Google. From 1-800-Flowers to Teleflora, there are plenty of middlemen or "order gatherers" (as they’re called in the industry) looking for your business. In fact, it may seem like the order gatherers are the only option, as they dominate the first page of search results. You probably won’t even see a link for the websites of actual florists in your town.

    What’s wrong with the middlemen, you might ask. After all, they offer convenience and an endless variety of beautiful arrangements to choose from. You can order and pay online, and they’ll find a florist near your recipient to create and deliver the flowers you ordered. However, it pays to cut out the middleman and order directly from a brick-and-mortars shop, even if that means you have to make a phone call to do so.

    Well here is the problem :  order gatherers charge an extra 15 to 30 percent, plus other fees. Not only do you pay more, but you might get less than you thought. also the pictures you see online often feature all the flowers in front, whereas a bouquet is really circular. So the number of "main event" flowers (such as roses) you select will often look fuller online than in person.

    So while you may have paid $80 for what looks like a premium vase of roses for your valentine, he or she may end up receiving flowers that are already starting to wilt and may only last a few days. This is the same condition of many supermarket bouquets.

    Remember that florists are not just business people—we are artists and designers who love what we do. When you call a florist shop directly and ask for the designer’s choice, you can still provide guidance on the price range, color scheme, and other style elements, but we will work with what we have on hand and what is in season, to design a truly one-of-a-kind arrangement.





    (401) 340-2259



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    Rose’s for Valentine’s Day!

    Send roses as flowers for Valentine’s Day for a traditional gift any man, woman, and child will enjoy. With long stem roses bouquets, mixed rose bouquets, and delivery through out the Kent county area., there’s an ideal choice to fit everyone’s specific needs.


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    Christmas Chandelier – DIY Craft

    It’s easy to dress up your chandelier for the Christmas holidays. Even if you don’t have a chandelier, you can make one out of ornaments. In addition to ornaments you can also add, greenery, berries, poinsettia flowers, pine cones and holiday ribbon. The only limit is your imagination. Be creative and have fun doing this easy DIY project.

    This chandelier is achieved by attaching (wiring) a greenery wreath to the bottom of the chandelier, then wiring greenery from the top of the chandelier to the bottom of the chandelier…;Next attaching ornaments at random spacing, adding berries and some wire edged ribbons from the top. We hot glued rhinestones on this to give it a dazzling effect.

    Decorating can be easy and is so much fun… Have fun, be creative and don’t forget to take pictures and share them with us!

    Happy decorating…

    Jack Iannotti flowers 
    Coventry, RI 


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  • Coventry,RI Florist Thanksgiving Flowers
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    The Final Touch for Your Thanksgiving Table: A Holiday Centerpiece

    Thanksgiving is a holiday to gather in unity. If you’re a holiday host, though, Thanksgiving dinner can be a festival of stress.

    The table has to look just right. It has to be inviting … perfectly set … everyone in the right place … and with some reminder that this is a day to be thankful you’re pulling your hair out.

    Amid menu planning, ironing linens and polishing silver, deciding how to provide a flourish of holiday color and glow can sometimes be put off … or forgotten altogether.

    Save yourself the work (and stress). Be proactive this year. The right holiday centerpiece, filled with the color of fall which will finish off any Turkey dinner setting.

    Which centerpiece is right for your holiday celebration?

    First, face your space. Centerpieces have different configurations. Is the table longer (for a large group), round (smaller group) or even a kids table? Will diners be seated on all sides, or is the table against a wall? Your centerpiece setting matters – in a big way.

    The centerpiece will take up room. How much can you afford, amid the many plates and serving dishes? One option is to set dishes on the evergreens (they won’t hurt it). Another is elevating the centerpiece with risers, creating space beneath.

    Most people avoid tall centerpieces, which can block eye contact or interfere with passing dishes. Candles provide vertical visual interest.

    A Thanksgiving floral arrangement is the finishing touch to your ideal Harvest table. Don’t leave it to the last minute, though.

    JIF- Jack Iannotti Flowers of Coventry, RI  has a wide selection of centerpiece designs. We’ll gladly create a custom flower arrangement, too. Contact us to brighten up your table, in the right size and setup.

    The holiday season is upon us! 

    P.s.  WE DELIVER!

    Contact us


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  • Chrysanthemum Wedding Bouquet
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    Chrysanthemum symbolism

    Chrysanthemums are more than just a pretty face. The Chinese believe this flower represents ease and rest, and often use it as an object of meditation; and the Japanese consider it to be a symbol for life and happiness.

    Chrysanthemums are:

    • The November birth flower
    • The 13th wedding anniversary flower
    • The official flower of Chicago and Salinas, CA
    • A popular Mother’s Day gift in Australia (May is in autumn)
    • The official flower of November in the U.S
    • Used in teas to detox and treat the flu and headaches in some parts of Asia
    • Known to bring happiness and laughter in the home according to Feng Shui
    • The largest commercially grown plant in the U.S
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    Rose Facts


    There are about 100 different species of roses and thousands of identifiable varieties.

    The first cultivation of roses documented was in China about 5,000 years ago.

    President George Washington was one of the very first rose breeders in the United States. He named a rose variety Mary Washington, paying homage to his sweet mother.

    According to the Victorian language of flowers, roses have different meanings depending on their color.


    A rose bush at the cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany has been growing for well over 1,000 years!

    The Guinness Book of World Records lists roses as the oldest species of flowers. A fossil was found in Colorado dating back 40 million years!

    In Ecuador, 54% of the land is used to cultivate roses. In Zambia, the amount of land used for rose cultivation is a stunning 84%!

    According to the Society of American Florists, 250 million roses were produced for the Valentine’s Day holiday in 2017.


    It is often said that throwing rose leaves into a fire brings good luck. On the other hand, they should never touch the floor, otherwise, it brings bad luck.

    Many believe that planting roses near someone’s grave protects their soul from evil spirits.

    WARNING* This next superstition is dark! Some people believe that if you hold a rose in your hand and it loses its petals, a loved one will soon pass away. Yikes! I definitely don’t like this one!

    Are you torn between multiple lovers? Take as many rose leaves as there are choices, write the name of your lovers and place them all on water. The first leaf to sink is the person you should probably stay with.

    Looking for love? Placing dried rose petals under your mattress is said to bring romantic love into your life. Be careful what you wish for.. LOL!!!



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  • Iannotti Flowers
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    Turn old chairs into beautiful flower beds and planters

    We all have chairs in our homes. They’re basic furniture pieces that are an important part of any home’s design. But chairs are not immortal. At one point they become too old to be used. They then become unnecessary. However, this doesn’t mean they have to be thrown away. They can still be useful. They are lots of ways in which you can repurpose old chairs. One of them is to turn the chairs into flower beds or planters.


    To be able to do that you need a traditional old chair, the type with a wooden structure and simple lines. However, other types of chairs can also be turned into beautiful planters with a little imagination and creativity. Basically, what you need to do in the case of a classical chair is to make a hole in the seat. It should be wide enough for the planter to fit in without falling through the hole. The chair will become a sort of display area for the plants and flowers. Let’s now see how you can turn an old chair into a mini garden for succulents and plants.

    Experiment and HAVE FUN!

    Also stop in JIF Jack Iannotti Flowers, we have great plants that would like to sit down in your chair!


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    Benefits of Putting Eucalyptus in Your Shower.


    Let’s be real, most of us rarely make it to the spa, and we don’t always have time for a nice soak in a hot bath with aromatherapy. Hanging fresh Eucalyptus in your shower gives you the best of both worlds: zero effort and an impressive steamy aromatherapy experience. In my home, the bathroom is near to the front entryway, and almost every guest I have comments on how good it smells even that far out of the bathroom. When you turn the shower on and slide into the warm solace of forgetting about your stress and obligations for a few minutes, you owe it to yourself to feel like you’re in a majestic jungle or at least a spa.

    Health Benefits

    Eucalyptus is known to have antimicrobial, deodorizing, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant properties to name a few.

    Bringing a few branches of fresh eucalyptus into a steamy shower will activate and release the beneficial oils in the leaves. Your inflamed airways and congestion will be no match for the powerful combination of eucalyptus and steam! Give it a try the next time you’re feeling stuffy – you’ll be singing the praises of eucalyptus showers to everyone you know.

     A few words of advice from JIF- Jack Iannotti Flowers. 

    For those of you that have never handled a eucalyptus plant would be that it can be sticky, and it’s quite hard to trim. So treat it gingerly, be prepared to wash your hands, and don’t cut it unless you have to. If you feel like for some reason you must hack it apart and you don’t have cutters that are up to par, it’s almost always easier to break it. I usually replace mine about once a month, but this is up to you and how long your leaves stay fragrant.



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  • Iannotti Flowers
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    Shower Mom with blooming expressions of your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day. Start by choosing a beautiful flowers for mom to send on her special day, then match your bouquet with a pressed flower card design. Here’s all the inspiration you need to make the gorgeous handmade pressed flowers card Mom will keep forever:

    Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Pressing

    If your mom has a favorite flower, that’s the bloom to use! Otherwise, you can choose from the top flowers for Mother’s Day, which are roses, lilies, orchids, tulips and peonies. Keep in mind that the better the flowers look when you pick them, the more vibrant and life-like they’ll be after they’ve been dried and pressed. Another pro tip from Better Homes & Gardens: Flowers with naturally flat blooms are easier to press. Think violets, daisies and rose petals.

    Pressing the Flowers

    Once you’ve settled on the flowers, you can dry and flatten them with a proper flower press from your local craft store. Otherwise, use the pages of a heavy book to press the petals. Make sure to line the pages with parchment paper or coffee filters, then carefully place the flowers. Close the book and leave the flowers undisturbed for about a week to 10 days. You can stack a few books on top for extra weight if necessary. Next time you open the book, you’ll have perfectly flattened petals to decorate Mom’s card!

    Creating the Pressed Flower Design

    You’ll want to use watercolor paper or cardstock for a sturdy base. Outline the perimeter of your card with a pencil so you have a general idea of how much space you can work with. Arrange the blooms as you wish, then use white craft glue to adhere them to the paper. As you’ll be working with delicate petals, it can be easier to arrange them with tweezers and use a small paintbrush to apply the glue. Cover your design with wax paper, then place a heavy book on top. Leave overnight to secure the petals in place. Once dry, follow your pencil guide to cut the card out.

    Following Tips for Flower Pressing Success

    Keeps these golden tidbits in mind to get your card right the first time:

    • Choose the size of your card based on the shape and size of envelopes you already have in the house.
    • Arrange and glue down your design before cutting the card. This gives you more space to get crafty before committing to the final size.
    • Use a proper paper cutter or precision craft knife for crisp edges.
    • Write your message on a separate piece of paper, then glue it onto the card. That way, if you make a mistake, it won’t ruin the entire piece.
    • If you don’t trust your penmanship, choose a fun font and type out your message to print and attach to the final card.

    Your mom will love how much time and effort you put into her gift – plus, the pressed flower card will preserve the glorious petals far beyond the life of her flowers.

    Stay tuned for more DIY flower ideas.

    JIF Jack Iannotti Flowers

    1117 Main St.
    Coventry, RI 02816

    ​​(401) 822-4440


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  • J. Iannotti Flowers
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    Iannotti Flowers Delivers!

    What does your floral gift say about your Mom? Ask J.Iannotti Flowers In Coventry,RI


    Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days for flower delivery worldwide, but choosing the right Mother’s Day flowers for your mum can be a difficult task in itself. What do you give the person who gave you everything? 

    Jack Iannotti Flowers in Coventry, RI   has a range of floral gifts for your mum this Mother’s Day, with a range of different flowers which add a personal touch for your unique mom.

    Contact US Today!


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    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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