How To Save Money On Sending Flowers This Valentine’s Day: Insider Tips From Jack Iannotti Flowers

What you need to know about the middlemen.

If you decide to send flowers to a friend or loved one, chances are you begin the process on Google. From 1-800-Flowers to Teleflora, there are plenty of middlemen or "order gatherers" (as they’re called in the industry) looking for your business. In fact, it may seem like the order gatherers are the only option, as they dominate the first page of search results. You probably won’t even see a link for the websites of actual florists in your town.

What’s wrong with the middlemen, you might ask. After all, they offer convenience and an endless variety of beautiful arrangements to choose from. You can order and pay online, and they’ll find a florist near your recipient to create and deliver the flowers you ordered. However, it pays to cut out the middleman and order directly from a brick-and-mortars shop, even if that means you have to make a phone call to do so.

Well here is the problem :  order gatherers charge an extra 15 to 30 percent, plus other fees. Not only do you pay more, but you might get less than you thought. also the pictures you see online often feature all the flowers in front, whereas a bouquet is really circular. So the number of "main event" flowers (such as roses) you select will often look fuller online than in person.

So while you may have paid $80 for what looks like a premium vase of roses for your valentine, he or she may end up receiving flowers that are already starting to wilt and may only last a few days. This is the same condition of many supermarket bouquets.

Remember that florists are not just business people—we are artists and designers who love what we do. When you call a florist shop directly and ask for the designer’s choice, you can still provide guidance on the price range, color scheme, and other style elements, but we will work with what we have on hand and what is in season, to design a truly one-of-a-kind arrangement.





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