Christmas Chandelier – DIY Craft

It’s easy to dress up your chandelier for the Christmas holidays. Even if you don’t have a chandelier, you can make one out of ornaments. In addition to ornaments you can also add, greenery, berries, poinsettia flowers, pine cones and holiday ribbon. The only limit is your imagination. Be creative and have fun doing this easy DIY project.

This chandelier is achieved by attaching (wiring) a greenery wreath to the bottom of the chandelier, then wiring greenery from the top of the chandelier to the bottom of the chandelier…;Next attaching ornaments at random spacing, adding berries and some wire edged ribbons from the top. We hot glued rhinestones on this to give it a dazzling effect.

Decorating can be easy and is so much fun… Have fun, be creative and don’t forget to take pictures and share them with us!

Happy decorating…

Jack Iannotti flowers 
Coventry, RI 



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